RDA Hackathon on maDMPs


We would like to invite you to a hackathon on machine-actionable Data Management Plans (maDMPs).

The hackathon is open for everyone. As well as software developers we are looking for anyone with an interest in data - no technical knowledge is necessary - you might help with ideas generation, user testing, documentation etc.

The goal is to build integrations and test the common standard for maDMPs that is an official output of the RDA DMP Common Standards WG. Participants of the hackathon will decide which topics to work on, but the primary goals of the hackathon are:

The hackathon will take place on 27-28 May 2020. Registration of teams and topics starts on 20 April. Open presentation of results will take place on 29 May.


Important Dates

Outline of the hackathon

1. Propose topics

Create issues in this repository describing what you would like to work on, e.g. describe what system you have and how you would like to use maDMPs. Through the open discussion with others, narrow down the scope of a topic to work on during the hackathon.

2. Communicate

Join our slack channel to communicate with everyone who is participating in the hackathon. You can communicate later within the groups any way you want. We will use slack for announcements and will use it during the hackathon for quick chats.

3. Register groups

Let us know who is going to work with whom on which topic. Don’t forget to give your group a cool name! Register it by filling out this spreadsheet.

4. Hack!

You will have two days to do the hacking! Collaborate within the groups and use provided communication tools to discuss with others. Create issues in the RDA DMP Common Standard repository when you believe there is a revision to the standard or documentation needed.

5. Submit

Summarise what you managed to create. Provide links to resources, demos, screencasts, etc, by filling out the shared spreadsheet.

6. Present

Present your result in an online videoconference call on 29th May. Everyone will be free to participate as the viewer.

7. Vote

Community will have two weeks to vote for the best and most interesting submissions. The winners will recieve a small prize. Voting results


Day 1 - 27 May 2020

Day 2 - 28 May 2020

Day 3 - 29 May 2020


Platform Purpose
GitHub issues Define topics before the hackathon starts
Slack Ad-hoc communication between all participants
Zoom Presentation of results


There will be prizes for the best/most interesting solutions. Details will be provided.


We will publish a report in which we will describe developements made by each participating group. Structure of the document and level of details to be determined by interested hackathon participants.

Useful Resources

RDA DMP Common Standard specification, FAQs, JSON schema, examples, etc.